So. A blog.

When I signed up for the master’s degree in IT Project Management at Stockholms University, being assigned blogging was not what I expected. Pretty much shying away from social media, it was neither what I wanted to experience.

I have worked as an engineer with project managing, technical support and administrantion for many years. The last couple of years I have been broadening my horizon; studying programming, web management and digital business development at different Swedish Universities.

But I wanted to get a more hands-on approach and found this IT Project Management degree. How much more hands-on can it get then having to start a blog the day the course starts? I just want to immerse myself in everything about this subject and have decided that I will just have to trust in the process of this.

So now I am actually looking forward to the blogging experience and wherever it will take me.

Until next post, I advise you to stay hungry, stay foolish!

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