How do you feel about change?

I like change. Or to be more exact, I can’t really take the absence of change, development or improvement in some form in my life for very long. I feel trapped, stagnated and like if I don’t snap out of it, this is what my life will look like till the day I die, that I never will be able to make an effort to change again. So I have made it my thing to embrace change and thrive in getting to explore the new possibilities it brings.

In the introduction to project managing in the book “A guide to the project management body of knowledge” it states:


Hmm. I read the paragraph several times. That is so true, and yet I have never thought of it that way before.

I have studied project management previously. I have worked in projects and as a project manager. I have thought of projects as a way to archive the development of a product, or a way to implement a new system into a firm in a controlled and logical manner. That the change of something is decided upon on the outset of the project.

But now I come to realize that the project is driving the change. It is deciding how and what changes needs to be done to reach the desired outcome of the project. Decisions taken in the project will effect people involved in or affected by it’s outcome.

The second realization is that perhaps projects drive change is the reason why I like projects so much. I have pondered that many times, and I realize that they play on my strengths and that is part of it. But my fondness for change is probably the main reason why I prefer projects. Hmm, go figure.

A lot of people hate change. If you are working, you have probably worked with somebody at sometime that says “no” to every suggestion, that does not seem to like anything except what it is like right now. My guess is that that person is really afraid of change or the unknown, and I feel truly sorry for them.

Imagine living today and be afraid of changes. It must be horrible! So how do you get those people aboard a project and motivate them?

I had a collegue that said: “You have to give motivation to those who wants to leave something behind and as well those who wants to get to something new.” In my experience many persons afraid of changing wants to keep their job. (This sounds bad, but bear with me) If a company does not keep up with competence or changes in the market, the company will not survive. That is not unknown. Even if a company is thriving now, sooner or later somebody willing to improve, someone more hungry, will start competing. So in the long run, a company will need to evolve to stay in business. And for employees to keep their jobs, the company needs to stay in business.

So “getting to something new” for people afraid for the unknown can be changing a little bit now in order to “keep our company that gives us salary” in business in the future. Explained in the kindest and most pedagogic of ways, of course!

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