Are all IT projects worthless?

In todays class we had a discussion on the topic above . It was meant to provoke and I have to admit that it does provoke me.

Perhaps one reason is because I am not in the IT business, and my point of view is the users view. Using computers and smartphones everyday to call, send messenges, check what friends and others are doing, check time tables, participate in meetings, plan a project, set alarms, watch a movie, take a picture and send it to your mother… the list can go on and on with outputs from IT projects that would be tough to live without.

The only conclusion as I see it, has to be that some IT projects have succeeded in completly changing the way we live in the last decade, right?

So of you are one of those persons that think that pretty much all IT projects are worthless, I would love for you to leave a comment on your perspective. (And please add your average mobile phone and computer screen time/ day as well.)

To be continued…

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