It isn’t a failure if you learn something.

Second part of ”Are all IT projects worthless

Since our lifes have changed fundamentally through the output of IT projects, my previous blog came to the conclusion that a lot of projects are successful from a users point of view.

I have been part of of test groups and first user groups in implementation projects, like a change of ERP systems, at different companies. Have the projects been fun and easy? No. Have they been without some serious problems? Not once. Have they been worthless? No. After everything finally is up and running and everybody has learnt the new way of working and the gliches have been solved, the result has been pretty good. Painfull, but essential for the future in all cases.

I have never been in a IT development project, so I will have to get back to you on that one. But I think that it cannot be a total failure or worthless if you learn something on a organizational or personal level.

And if an organization or the persons in the project has learnt absloutly nothing when it’s closed, then nobody has taken the time to evaluate or summarized ”lessons learned”. And that is just sad!

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