A new virtual experience

Relating to earlier blog posts (“Are all IT projects worthless?”) there has been a number of new apps and webb-based services that has made life easier during the pandemic, at least in Sweden. Shopping online for groceries, with home delivery or packing and picking up the groceries at planned times has boomed. Zoom, Teams and … Continue reading A new virtual experience


Today at the zoom-sent class, we talked about how different companies collect ideas, analyze them and possibly adopt an idea to make a project out of it. That is an interesting topic. I have been working at smaller companies for many years, and dropping an idea at a smaller company is often nothing formal. But … Continue reading Alchemy


Reading the PMI Benefits Realization Management (BRM) I fond my self , hmm… a bit underwhelmed. It is not that it is bad, really. Just not that good in my opinion. Some things are repeated over and over, some things not lifted enough. Some things are explained briefly, like they are simple even though, thinking … Continue reading Eureka

About project management

Continuing on the topic of yesterdays blog; if you are looking for answers to why projects fail or succeed, you are bound to find The Standish Group CHAOS reports pretty quick. (Be aware of the one that is very generously referred to where the IT managers have responded to what factor that generates success and … Continue reading About project management

Time management

Traditional project managing is often considered to be constrained by cost, time and quality, this is called the project management triangle. These constrains are balancing each other so if more time is needed to complete a project it is going to effect the cost or the outcome ( or both) as well. This is often … Continue reading Time management


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